Monday, April 8, 2019

Bert Krak Photo Show

We've been a fan of Bert for a long time and seeing as he is one of RVCA's advocates it only made sense to do something together.  A year ago when we started our partnership with RVCA we used one of Bert's rat designs to make shop tees and hoodies.  Fast forward to last month and it was an honor to hold an event in store!  Bert has alway been shooting photos and he put a collection together of his "split frame" shots to put on display in the shop.  We invited some friends, provided cold beverages and had an amazing night!  Scroll for photos from the night and check out an expert below about Bert from RVCA:

"Bert Krak is a NY-Based artist and Tattooer, working out of the world-renowned Smith Street Tattoo Parlor.  He was born July 12, 1977 in Hollywood, Florida and now resides in Brooklyn, NY with his family.  Bert started tattooing and painting around 2000 and has become known for combining "classic" tattoo iconaography, with his own distinct heavy line styles and color palettes - so well known, that he has flown around the world to perform his art.  When not tattooing, he is painting with watercolors and liquid acrylics, taking his imagery to a much more developed stature." - RVCA ARTIST NETWORK PROGRAM

Photos:  Nathan Hutsenpiller