Wednesday, September 12, 2018

BBQ at the Pump Track with RVCA

KCDC Pump Track and BBQ 
Presented by RVCA

                                                                                                     Video by Angel Delgado 

On Saturday September 25th we partnered up with RVCA and Old Blue Last to throw a skate jam and BBQ at the Pump Track in Domino Park, Williamsburg.  The day couldn't have been more perfect and we were so hyped with the turnout! With burgers flipping and beverages pouring skaters took to the pump track for some good old fashioned racing fun.  Steve Rodriguez and Kader Sylla MC'd the event and were the masterminds behind each individual contest, if you could even call it a contest.  It was more like a free for all, get yours or someone else will type of jam.  Huge thanks to RVCA for making this whole day possible and Old Blue Last for providing the beverages!  Thank you to everyone who came out, we love our skateboard community!  Check out the photo recap below for more from the day!

Photos by Nathan Hutsenpiller

Friday, September 7, 2018

Ed Templeton Photo Show

When we started our partnership with RVCA one of the first artists we spoke about working with was Ed Templeton...naturally.  We knew NYC had love for Ed but nobody could have expected the sea of people that showed up and the abundance of love and admiration that came along with them!

On August 22nd we were proud to welcome Ed Templeton into our shop for a photo show presented by RVCA.  Ed's show consisted of photos from around Huntington Beach, Ca in the classic black and white style that we see all the time through his instagram.  Along with the photos there were two 7 foot tall "heads" designed by Ed.  The show is still up and will be for some time so please stop by and check it out in person if you couldn't make it to opening night!

Big thanks to everyone who came out, we are so in love with our community of skateboarders, friends and family!  Thank you to Ed and Deanna Templeton for being so amazing throughout the whole thing and hanging in there signing autographs and taking pictures with everyone!  You two rule!!

Check out the photo recap below! Photos by Nathan Hutsenpiller