Monday, April 8, 2019

Bert Krak Photo Show

We've been a fan of Bert for a long time and seeing as he is one of RVCA's advocates it only made sense to do something together.  A year ago when we started our partnership with RVCA we used one of Bert's rat designs to make shop tees and hoodies.  Fast forward to last month and it was an honor to hold an event in store!  Bert has alway been shooting photos and he put a collection together of his "split frame" shots to put on display in the shop.  We invited some friends, provided cold beverages and had an amazing night!  Scroll for photos from the night and check out an expert below about Bert from RVCA:

"Bert Krak is a NY-Based artist and Tattooer, working out of the world-renowned Smith Street Tattoo Parlor.  He was born July 12, 1977 in Hollywood, Florida and now resides in Brooklyn, NY with his family.  Bert started tattooing and painting around 2000 and has become known for combining "classic" tattoo iconaography, with his own distinct heavy line styles and color palettes - so well known, that he has flown around the world to perform his art.  When not tattooing, he is painting with watercolors and liquid acrylics, taking his imagery to a much more developed stature." - RVCA ARTIST NETWORK PROGRAM

Photos:  Nathan Hutsenpiller 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

"OMW" Video Premiere

Angel Delgado is as old as KCDC.  We've been watching him grow from a little pain in the ass to an older, bigger pain in the ass.  When he started showing an interest in filming we all got excited to see where he went with it.  Fast forward a few years to March 14th, 2019 and our guy was turning 18 and had a video he wanted to premiere.  Naturally us having the space and the ramp, we just HAD to throw him a proper premiere party! Complete with technical difficulties and hectic mini ramp skating, the night was definitely one for the books.  Congrats Angel on the vid and on becoming a man!  We love you! Stay tuned to our IG to see when the link to the vid goes live, you won't wanna miss it! In the meantime enjoy a little photo recap of the night :)

Photos: Nathan Hutsenpiller

Special thanks to RVCA, Jenkem Mag and Healthade Kombucha for helping make everything happen!  

Sunday Skate Clinic with Quell Skate and Nike SB

We absolutely love Quell Skateboarding and what they represent.  Not only are they breaking down barriers every day and setting the example for skateboarders everywhere, they share the same love as us in teaching others how to skate! It only made sense to have a Sunday morning dedicated to to just that! With the help of Nike SB we invited girls and non cis males of all ages to attend our beginners clinic and the turnout was nothing short of amazing!

Photos:  Nathan Hutsenpiller

Quell started out the session by huddling everyone up on the ramp to introduce themselves, their preferred gender pronoun and what they would like to accomplish that session.  Hearing some of the goals for the day was so inspiring and we were all ready to check something off our list, no matter how small!  

Some skaters were dropping in for their first time while others had some experience and were looking to learn a new lip trick.  We saw some first time rock to fakies that were so sick!  The ramp proved just challenging enough to keep everyone entertained while not being too big for the beginners.  Off to the side of the ramp we saw a mixture of proud parents watching their children throw themselves down the transitions and other skaters learning how to ollie, no-comply and even some working on kickflips!

Before we called it a day, Quell gathered everyone back up on the ramp to discuss what we had all accomplished that session.  There were such amazing vibes at this point because everyone had done so great!  We were so proud of everyone for putting themselves out there and challenging themselves to learn new things!  NYC has some new shredders coming your back boys!! 

Big thank you to RVCA, Quell Skateboarding, Nike SB, Healthade and all of our volunteers.  We love our skateboard community!!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Quell x Lowcard Release Party

On March 7th we opened up the RVCA "Skate Space" for a Quell Skateboarding x Lowcard Mag release party. Quell is an independently run women's skateboarding media platform out of Brooklyn, NY.  Their goal is to provide access into the past, present and future of women in skateboarding.  Lowcard is always a pleasure to work with and they continue to support women in skateboarding via their magazine.  It was a no brainer that these two collaborated on a t-shirt! Click this link to get one for yourself!

Obviously most ramp sessions get pretty hectic, especially when there are a bunch of dudes skating.  Quell took charge and got the boys off the ramp and gave the girls a good hour or so to skate and it was a pretty amazing sight to see.  So many skaters were killing it and some of them were dropping in for the first time!  

At one point just skating the ramp was not enough so someone decided to backflip off the extension!

Which of course opened up the opportunity for him to be one upped.  So this girl pulled a backflip on the flat bottom!  Everyone went crazy! 

Drinks were provided by Budweiser, BABE and Health Ade Kombucha..which made for some good photo ops.

Thank you to our sponsors:  RVCA, Quell Skate, Lowcard Mag, Nike SB, BABE, Health Ade and Budweiser!  We had a blast!

Words and photos by Nathan Hutsenpiller