Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Shane Says - Entry #1


Brooklyn Banks

 The first time I went to the Brooklyn Banks was around 1988.  We saw them for the first time in the Powell Peralta video "Future Primitive" and upon learning that was New York City, we had to make the pilgrimage.  My friends dad was the driver and between the video and an adult who knew the city we found them.  I was riding my SMA Jim Thiebaud and my buddy had a Vision Ken Park.  We had a great session!   I even managed to nose bonk the wall.  Around lunch time my friends dad wanted to take us to St. Marks to get a pizza and see all the "freaks".  This would also be the first time I saw real life punk rockers.  While eating pizza on some steps, one "freak" really stood out to me.  He was a very obese man dressed like Michael Jackson, dancing on roller skates while blasting Weird Al Yankovic out of a boom box.  He was pulling out all the moves, even moonwalking on the skates.  It makes me giggle to this day.  We went back to skate the big part of the banks and then headed back to the Chester.  Glad the banks are back in action!  This is Oliver Clark, enduring the adventurous spirit.  Keep dancing New York! 

-Shane Medanich

Introducing Shane Medanich for KCDC Skateshop

Shane Says

Shane Medanich is a Native New Yorker from the town of Eastchester.  After a short stint in the mid 90's riding for Rookie Skateboards, he relocated to San Francisco in 1999.  In addition to being a founding member of the skaterock/metal band Hightower, he was the music editor for Lowcard Magazine from 2004 to 2010.  Now, after being back in New York and living in Brooklyn since 2012, he is still skateboarding, playing drums for the band Slashers and can be caught MC'ing the occasional event.  We are glad to have him as a contributor to the blog in the form of event coverage, interviews and collaborative photo essays!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Dinosaur Jr. - Alien Workshop

I really didn't listen to Dinosaur Jr. till I first watched Alien Workshop's 'Memory Screen'. I had friends that listened to them but never really gave them a chance until I could attach them to skateboarding.  Fast forward to 'Mindfield' and it's crazy to think about the insane skateboarding their tunes are attached to.  Anyways.  Once again Alien Workshop and Dinosaur Jr. have paired up to release two new graphics on different shapes.  One is the album artwork for the band's most recent album 'A Glimpse of What You're Not'.  The other is a spin on the Joseph Szabo photo used on the cover of 'Green Mind'.  Check the boards below, plus the video for 'Goin Down' featuring AVE, Hosoi and Andrew Allen.  Directed by Atiba Jefferson!

Decks are available in store and online (no cruiser shapes...sorry!) -------

WTF Tiago Lemos??

Tiago Lemos.  This dude is the truth.  Baggy clothes, dope style, deep bag of tricks with 90s steez on some crack.  Tiago's DC Promo left us wondering "H-How?" Here's the Rough Cuts via Thrasher Magazine.  Grab a snack and get ready to quit skateboarding.  

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Danny Supa Appreciation Post

Nike SB Dunk High 'Supa'  

This epic color way has made its way back to the masses.  Danny Supa meshed his love for Knicks basketball and skateboarding when creating this special color way for the Nike SB Dunk High.  Supplies are limited so get yourself a pair here quick! -------->>>

Who doesn't like Danny Supa? If you are from NYC or live and skate in NYC and you don't know who he is, you're blowing it.  Just in case you fall into this category of sub-human, here's a little reminder to jog your memory.  Do your homework kids...

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Nightmare In Emerald City

Deathwish Skateboards - Esao Andrews - Nightmare in Emerald City

Shop now at

We are very hyped to offer this collection at KCDC!  Way back when, Esao Andrews designed a tee for us so it's really amazing to see him doing more rad things with other rad people! 

If you have never heard of Esao before, here's a little bio pulled from his website:

Esao Andrews
b. 1978. From Mesa, AZ. Esao Andrews is a Japanese/American artist and freelance illustrator. He received his B.F.A. in NYC from The School of Visual Artsin 2000 and with his haunted subject matter and often-times colorful palate has established a career both in the fine art and commercial world. He is best known for his beautiful album artwork for the band Circa Survive and has produced numerous comic book covers for Vertigo Comics and designs for Deathwish and Baker Skateboards early in his career. Recently he has added mural work to his output and is also constructing some sculpted projects.  He currently lives in Los Angeles pursing a life of art-making with his beautiful girlfriend Clare Bare,  dog Soybean, and Gus the rabbit.

The full Emerald City Collection is available in store and online now at

Friday, October 6, 2017

Pushing for Pink


Sunday, October 8th


LES Coleman Skate Plaza 


Back Feeble Best Trick Contest!


Pushing for Pink is an annual skateboarding event that Gary Rogers and Mathew Matthews created in an attempt to nurture the growth of breast cancer prevention. Our mission is to remind people that they are not alone in their current life situations. The goal of Pushing For Pink is to use skateboarding to bridge the feeling of separation and loneliness that comes with watching someone you love battle cancer. Even if it’s simply one day a year; Pushing For Pink will continue to peacefully bring people from all walks of life together in celebration of loved ones who have won, lost or are currently battling against breast cancer.

Pushing For Pink has successfully gathered hundreds of skateboarders both locally and nationally to spread the message that skateboarders from varied backgrounds can peacefully stand up together in support of breast cancer prevention. Pushing For Pink’s first and second annual event combined has raised over $15,000 in donations for The Keep A Breast Foundation.

*Pulled from Pushing for Pink Website

Come out and show your support!  For more info, visit  See you there!

-KCDC Skateshop