Tuesday, January 9, 2018

KCDC Artist Collaboration

Koji Yamaguchi x Nathan Hutsenpiller
for KCDC Skateshop

Here at KCDC we have always worked with local artists to help and support our amazing skateboard community!  In October of 2017 we held an art gallery at the shop in which local Japanese artist Koji Yamaguchi and KCDC Shop Manager Nathan Hutsenpiller produced some collaborative work.  

Koji is a Brooklyn based Japanese artist who more recently has been painting landscapes of skateboard spots around New York City.  His work is a very interesting new approach to street art.  He takes what he sees in front of him and weaves it in to his drawings and paintings.  Whether its trash he finds on the ground or something straight out of his imagination, his creativity is on another level!   To learn more about Koji and his work, visit his website!

Nathan is a Florida native who transplanted to New York City back in 2008.  Skateboarding, like many others, inspired him to pick up a camera.  He's been part of the KCDC family for the past 3 years and uses any excuse to shoot photos over any other work!  To see more of Nathan's photography visit his website.

For the collaboration, Nathan provided Koji with 6 photos that he had taken and Koji either painted or drew whatever he was inspired to do on each photo.  The finished works were amazing and we were so psyched on how everything came out!  Check out the pics below! (disclaimer: one photo is missing, only 5 pieces shown)

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