Monday, March 18, 2019

Quell x Lowcard Release Party

On March 7th we opened up the RVCA "Skate Space" for a Quell Skateboarding x Lowcard Mag release party. Quell is an independently run women's skateboarding media platform out of Brooklyn, NY.  Their goal is to provide access into the past, present and future of women in skateboarding.  Lowcard is always a pleasure to work with and they continue to support women in skateboarding via their magazine.  It was a no brainer that these two collaborated on a t-shirt! Click this link to get one for yourself!

Obviously most ramp sessions get pretty hectic, especially when there are a bunch of dudes skating.  Quell took charge and got the boys off the ramp and gave the girls a good hour or so to skate and it was a pretty amazing sight to see.  So many skaters were killing it and some of them were dropping in for the first time!  

At one point just skating the ramp was not enough so someone decided to backflip off the extension!

Which of course opened up the opportunity for him to be one upped.  So this girl pulled a backflip on the flat bottom!  Everyone went crazy! 

Drinks were provided by Budweiser, BABE and Health Ade Kombucha..which made for some good photo ops.

Thank you to our sponsors:  RVCA, Quell Skate, Lowcard Mag, Nike SB, BABE, Health Ade and Budweiser!  We had a blast!

Words and photos by Nathan Hutsenpiller 

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