Saturday, October 14, 2017

Dinosaur Jr. - Alien Workshop

I really didn't listen to Dinosaur Jr. till I first watched Alien Workshop's 'Memory Screen'. I had friends that listened to them but never really gave them a chance until I could attach them to skateboarding.  Fast forward to 'Mindfield' and it's crazy to think about the insane skateboarding their tunes are attached to.  Anyways.  Once again Alien Workshop and Dinosaur Jr. have paired up to release two new graphics on different shapes.  One is the album artwork for the band's most recent album 'A Glimpse of What You're Not'.  The other is a spin on the Joseph Szabo photo used on the cover of 'Green Mind'.  Check the boards below, plus the video for 'Goin Down' featuring AVE, Hosoi and Andrew Allen.  Directed by Atiba Jefferson!

Decks are available in store and online (no cruiser shapes...sorry!) -------

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