Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Shane Says - Entry #1


Brooklyn Banks

 The first time I went to the Brooklyn Banks was around 1988.  We saw them for the first time in the Powell Peralta video "Future Primitive" and upon learning that was New York City, we had to make the pilgrimage.  My friends dad was the driver and between the video and an adult who knew the city we found them.  I was riding my SMA Jim Thiebaud and my buddy had a Vision Ken Park.  We had a great session!   I even managed to nose bonk the wall.  Around lunch time my friends dad wanted to take us to St. Marks to get a pizza and see all the "freaks".  This would also be the first time I saw real life punk rockers.  While eating pizza on some steps, one "freak" really stood out to me.  He was a very obese man dressed like Michael Jackson, dancing on roller skates while blasting Weird Al Yankovic out of a boom box.  He was pulling out all the moves, even moonwalking on the skates.  It makes me giggle to this day.  We went back to skate the big part of the banks and then headed back to the Chester.  Glad the banks are back in action!  This is Oliver Clark, enduring the adventurous spirit.  Keep dancing New York! 

-Shane Medanich

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